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Outreach Program


Introducing the hottest new enrichment program in West Michigan! Brought to you by Step-Up Youth Productions (non-profit 501c3). Designed to teach young people coordination and social skills through the art and movement of ballroom dance.

Our 12-week program is an excellent new activity for either your after-school program or during school as part of your art or physical education program. We will send 2 teachers to give instructions in swing, salsa, and waltz. Custom designed programs for specific needs also available.

Studies have shown that children who have the opportunity to learn dance test higher in math and science as they learn rhythm, patterns, and physics. Dancing also leads to improved health, mental clarity, and productivity; inspiring young people to strive for excellence.

We are available to travel to your schools, churches, scout groups, and other youth groups for our
Outreach Partnership Program.

Our Outreach Program is based on your school's needs.  Full and Partial funding/partnerships available.


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